Centralite 3-Series Nightlight

Has anyone tried installing these on ST yet? They look interesting and I have a few locations where they might come in handy.


I’ve been trying to buy one of those for a while, but they don’t seem to be available to individuals, at least from what I’ve discovered several months ago.

They are occasionally available on amazon. So if there have been any successes that is where I will buy them.

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There are two left in stock for sale on amazon right now.
I have been thinking about the homeseer led indicator as well.

Do you know if anyone has written a DTH for those?

I thought I read about a DTH someone created but I’m having trouble finding it. I read an amazon review that said that it will connect with the hub by itself but is designed a light and can be turned on and off and change color only. I have seen a DTH already in smart things for an led indicator and thought that might work better.

After looking at them both a little closer I feel the centrilite is probably the better option to go with.

Edit: I found a DTH in here at the end.

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Yeah, I found the DTH for the Homeseer device as well, but I am agreeing that the centralite device might be better. Wish I wasn’t such a noob or I would try writing a DTH for it myself.

The homeseer device is Z wave plus, the Centralite one is zigbee, so if you happen to need a repeater of a particular protocol that might affect the selection.

The homeseer has a motion sensor, lux sensor, temperature sensor, and the night light which can be changed between seven colors.

The Centralite has an RGB LED, so “millions of colors.” It also has a built-in battery back up, like an emergency flashlight, and it will continue to repeat Zigbee messages for about 24 hours even if the main power is out. That’s an unusual feature. But no extra sensors, not even a motion sensor.


So different features, and it just depends on your use case. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

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As the price is similar for both I might go with Homeseer as there is already a DTH for it. I just don’t really need all the other functions it has.

I just bought one and am having problems connecting it. It connects but just shows up as a “thing” with no controls.
I’ll play with it some more but so far no good. The multicolor light is cool looking. I was hoping for some sort of notifications with it.

It shows up as a Thing because it didn’t associate itself with any DTH ST has predefined, or that you may have installed.

I’m still learning how to use the hub and logging into it. I was able to change it to a zigbee bulb but can’t control the colors. I can turn it on and off and dim it.

Ah, now that’s interesting. What happens if you change it to a Zigbee RGB Bulb or Zigbee RGBW Bulb?

EDIT: see post above

That’s what I have it listed as, it will dim but won’t change colors. I tried both RGB and RGBW.
If I can get the colors figured out I think it will be a nice toy.

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My guess is it will be a multi endpoint and will require a custom device type handler.

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Saw a listing on eBay. Anyone actually get it working?

Hi Austin, I have this partially working. So far it only let’s you control Switch (On/Off) and Light Level (0-100%) but it does not let you change the color.
I’ve created a new DH (copied from the OSRAM ZigBee light bulb) and was playing around, but after talking to CentraLite I’ve found out that the device will not report when the Power Mains are out (running on Battery) and I’m still waiting on a response on how to change the color.
After looking at the product Technical manual I could not find a ZigBee Cluster/Attribute to change the color, so I’m not hopeful that we’ll be able to change the color :astonished:

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I can get it to turn on and off just using the Zigbee RGBW device handler and change the light level. I also emailed CentraLite about the color changing and they said you can do it with the button on the device.
Interesting I just checked their website and they changed it, the website used to say you could set the Night Light up to use different colors for notifications, I don’t see on the main Night Light page now. That is the main reason I bought it.
I use the Homeseer Multi Sensor now and it works perfect. If the garage door is open after sunset the Multi Sensor turns on red.

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