GE Z Wave Fan Control #14287

I’m new to Smartthings, Z Wave, and Echo, have switch over from Insteon/Google Home base.
So far things are going well, but Echo commands are a learning experience.
I installed the GE Fan Control, and have it working from the switch, and can turn it on and off by echo. But I can’t seem to be able to control the speed.
Can Alexa control the ‘Low/Medium/High’ speeds? And if so, what is the command format?

The stock and frequently used custom handlers see the Fan Control as a dimmer so you can control via Alexa like a dimmer telling it to set to 33, 67, 100 or whatever numbers correspond to something your fan sees as its various speeds. Another option is to use the following custom handler that sets up child devices for each speed which you can then turn on or off via Alexa.

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That looks like a solution. But as I stated, I’m new to this platform. I have no idea how to work with Child Devices. I got as far as My Device Handlers, but I saw nothing there, including any thing labeled settings.

I need something more in depth to guide me.

But thanks for the info so far.

@GRLighton, You can read the installation instructions in the linked custom device handler (DTH or DH) above. In your list in the classic SmartThings App you will only see one device listed for your fan. Child devices are hidden devices that show up in the Echo, routines or Smart Apps.

Once the custom handler is installed you can follow the steps in the comment below to get it working with your Echo.

It’s the switch that determines these numbers, not your fan.

Some fans might run at low speed up to 33 on the ‘dimmer’ scale in the DTH as an example, other mights be some other number before they run at the next speed. That was my point.

But it’s wrong. The fan switch is not a dimmer, it has three power levels. The “dimmer” number limits for each of the three levels is entirely determined by the switch, probably in firmware. The fan you have has nothing to do with it.

I did not say the fan switch was a dimmer. I said the DTHs are set up like dimmer controls and you can ‘set’ anything from 0 to 99 in them. It’s only at certain changes in those values that the physical switch changes over to the next power level.