ActionTiles not working

Is actiontiles down? Blank screen on all devices and not authorized message appearing on each of my panels.

ActionTiles is experiencing a partial outage (which might be over at this time).

We created a status page where we will provide updates on the situation.

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Service is back up and running for me on all devices.

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Experiencing delays or error when trying to enter keycode to disarm SHM.

Yup… Sorry about this.

Please follow the official Outage Topic on our Forum for official updates. We don’t know how many Customers are affected yet. It’s an issue with a Google Cloud component, but even they haven’t confirmed the scope.

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04/11 ActionTiles appears to be down yet again. I thought this issue had been taken care of. None of my panels are accessible. Get user name error and/or “you are not authorized to view this panel” errors when trying to log on via web browser as well.

@controlguy57 - Please note:

The fastest way to obtain support for ActionTiles as well as to inquire as to whether or not there is an outage (and to help us determine the scope of the outage), please ALWAYS email after checking:

Our cloud logs indicate there was a spike in processing load for a short while, but it has now passed. Please reload now.

This was not related to the periodic recurring outage last week. That was caused by a faulty Google Cloud Server Cluster and resolved last Thursday afternoon when they migrated our processes to a new properly functioning Cluster: RESOLVED [2019/4/1 0500h - 2019/4/4-1330h PT] ActionTiles Slow Performance & … / ActionTiles Forum / AT Support & Ideas

This evening’s outage was brief, unrelated, and had much smaller impact. We are researching, but suspect a cloud services glitch and will escalate it to the vendor for their attention.


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