SmartTiles won't open/close garage door?

I installed 2 GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Openers and added them to SmartTiles. I can see their status but can’t open/close the doors. Is this by design, or a bug? Or (heaven forbid) did I do something wrong?

See this thread. There are a few more threads on this if you search the forum. Good luck.

Garage Door control is on our feature consideration list for SmartTiles V6.


Garage Door is implemented (and verified by Beta Testers) as working fine in ActionTiles.

Coming soon!

When will garage door control be implemented? Or can I get access to the Beta?

Garage Door control is fully implemented in ActionTiles.

The Beta Program is now closed while we freeze the code for production release … soon.

Thanks… look forward to its release.

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Hi… @tgauchat any word on the production release of the garage door control?

Yup… will be included in initial release of ActionTiles:

Visit to reserve.

Awesome… I’ve signed up. Hope to get invited :slight_smile:

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Everybody who subscribes to the email list will get invited; just not the first day :smile:. The invitation system is just to ensure we don’t get overwhelmed with support questions or can pull-back on the throttle if there is an unanticipated scaling issue or bug that slipped through Beta.

Still haven’t revived an invite…

The invite queue is now under 7 days long (and likely to shorten quickly as we are ramping up to full-speed).

If you Subscribed prior to March 9th and haven’t received an Invitation email:

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Some time back (six months? maybe more?) I found a web article for creating a wall-mounted control panel using an Android tablet or an Amazon Fire (I forget which). The author put a wireless charger in a utility box on the wall, and then the device-side was a flat piece that he glued on the back of the tablet, with a ribbon cable that went to the power input port on the tablet. The tablet was then stuck to the wall over the cover plate of the utility box.

Of course, I neglected to bookmark it, and for the life of me I can’t find it now after fairly extensive searching. I’m interested in this one in particular because I liked the end appearance - mainly, no visible mounting or wiring - although I seem to recall there were a couple small revisions I’d make. But I’d also take a look at anything similar.

Bottom line is that I want to use ActionTiles on an idiot-proof 7-10" tablet that looks like it belongs rather than a bunch of electronics and wires hanging on the wall or sitting on a tabletop.

Can anyone point me to the one I found before, or something very similar? Or suggest some components (such as the charger) that I could hack together myself?