Relay with Tuya Switch for DC Actuator

Hi there, looking for advice please as a relative newby. I want to use Tuya Smart Life Zigbee Curtain Switch Module here to control a DIY TV lift that uses DC actuators. Will it work if I…

  1. Wire 240v AC L1 and L2 outputs to each side of a DPDT relay coil
  2. Wire 12v DC negative to NO side and negative side of actuator
  3. Wire 12v DC positive to NC side and positive side of actuator


Any recommendations of the relay I should use appreciated. Since I am using AC 240v for switching I am guessing any 240v power relay would be fine?

12v DC at say 5A is passing through NO and NC with some load from the actuators, but this should not cause issues as it’s not on the coil?

As I said - newby - so pls be kind :slight_smile: