Wiring Relay Project / Question if anyone is good with electronics?

I have a linear actuator 12v DC “JS-TGZ-U1” from ebay, im not sure of the amp requirements yet.

The actuator has built in limit switches, and for my purposes “on” will be the actuator open and extended. “off” will be the actuator closed and retracted, no requirement for positioning the actuator other than open and closed.

im tempted to try to use the following Single or double zwave switch controller to activate the actuator.

The way this could work assuming i can use a simple relay is:

12v powersupply (inverter plugged into the mains) to relay. the relay will always supply power to close the actuator when the z wave switch is off. This means if the zwave switch is turned off the actuator will close and then stop at the end of travel using its built in limit switch.

when the z wave switch is on it will power the relay and the relay will invert the power to the actuator, as long as the power is on the relay will always supply inverted power to the actuator, which will open the actuator until it hits its built in limit switch.

the two issues I have are, is there such a relay that can invert the power from a trigger as suggested above, and is there such a relay that could accept 240 volt for the trigger and 12v for the main load? as the fibaro device is 240v UK mains.


Does your actuator have 2 wires or 3? If 3, then a SPDT relay should work.

I’m using one of these combined with a standard GE on/off switch to do something nearly identical with a Jandy pool valve actuator. The GE switch turning on/off energizes or de-energizes the relay, which essentially flips the polarity of the power coming from the 24vdc power supply that drives the actuator. The actuator has limit switches exactly like you are describing.

This is a 120V version but I’m sure you can find a 240v version.

Zettler Miniature Power Relay 30A SPDT 120VAC AZ2280-1C-120A https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0030G8SC8/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_TSkMyb4BJRKPJ

The actuator I have found unfortunately is only a 2wire, where polarity is reversed to change direction. the actuator itself is 12v DC

A DPDT relay might work then…

Amazon has a decent selection…

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yeah looks like it might work

is this an acceptable Relay?


tech specs

It was the first thing that came up when searching DPDT on a site that I Trust for electronics. although looking again I cant see DPDT anywhere in the listing

or this on UK amazon

Wouldn’t they still require a dumb relay to switch the polarity of the motor ?

I assume I could use a 12v dpdt instead of a 240v one, any other advantages?

What’s the difference between the fabaro device you posted and the one I posted above?

I actually already have a roller shutter Fibaro controller, I use it to raise and lower a 3 wire motorized cinema screen, however i believe they are 240v only and only work with three wire motors, but coudd be wrong its a while since i fitted it.

Your relay is definitely an option, but im thinking the switch above could be useful as with the double switch i could also power some LED lights on and off in the same area im using the actuator, which would save me an extra fibaro device. (i love these fibaro devices) i could use your double relay and have 12v through one and 240v through anothother, but im not sure if thats a great idea?

if anyone has any further options? as im hoping to buy both relay and fibaro device today

ahh yes i see, I found that the atuator is 2Amps at 75KG load.

lol i may just bookmark you for future cheap Chinese products :wink:

Btw I’ve decided to go for the Fibaro 223 mainly because its about £10 cheaper and effectively they both give me the same results, if not slightly different wiring, hopefully i can tweak the device handler you posted above to work with it as they are very similar devices by the looks of things.

Hopefully my project will all work, now i have to figure out how to cable up pulleys and steel cable to lift my projector into the ceiling!

Thanks Robin.

Ive just created this thread, detailing what i intend to do with the Switch and connecting equipment. if you would like to follow a long.