Tuya relay module Toggle function

Hi all, after trying my best to solve my problem with using Tuya and Smartthings together I do admit I have no idea how to solve this.

I have numerous Tuya Relay Switches both single, double, and triple and I have toggle switches in my house.
I have managed to add them through a few community edge drivers and they do turn on and off in the app just fine.
However when I use my toggle buttons the light goes from On to Off as I press the button and as the button returns back to its relaxed position then On again. If anyone has any idea how to solve this I would be most grateful :smiley:

I am quite new to this and thought that Zigbee would be some magical thing that would work no matter the manufacturer and if Id known how Tuya stuff is not quite that magical I might not have bought enough for the whole house.

I have Aeotec V3 Hub and
The Switch module I used is

You might they settings the toggle function using a Tuya hub before installing the relays on SmartThings.

I have seen the toggle function setting on my Tuya hub.

Thanks for the quick answer Paul, I have Tuya zigbee relay modules that I am trying to add directly to my Smartthings hub, which works (kinda), if I had regular rocker switches on my wall it would be fine and would work in the app. I have tried I think every community edge driver to see if it fitted my needs :smiley:

You need to use a normal toggle switch that stays in its position. It will not work with auto-return/ momentary switches
When used with a standard toggle switch, the switch becomes a smart switch which means the position of the toggle switch (up or down) won’t be fixed to on or off.

My Tuya relays are similar to yours but different, so the following my not work with your relays

For my relay if you add it to a Tuya hub which are cheap on AliExpress you can change some setting. This may not be true with your relays

For my relay if you choose button switch you will get the affect you are looking for.

Then delete the device from Tuya and pair with ST. The settings you choose in Tuya are carried over into ST.

One word of caution. If you press the button several times quickly you will put the switch into pairing mode.