Relay connection to solenoid valve and 24vac power supply?

(mangruva) #1

Hi everyone , I am new to smartthings. I am trying to do what others have done online but I can’t find detailed wiring instructions. I have a Turcom relay switch with six wires, looks identical to the monoprice relay. I have an orbit 24 vac power transformer that I can cut to expose a couple wires . I also have an orbit solenoid valve with two wires . Which wires from the power supply go to which relay and solenoid wires? What are the exact connections for all wires? Thank you. I see info on the overview of this topic on these forums, but not detailed info.

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anyone? thanks

(Ray) #3

Just to sure I understand this correctly. You want to turn on/off the power supply of the valve by using the Monoprice relay correct? The Monoprice is a 110vac device and you can connect the load and neutral to your transformer 110vac input. You cannot use this Monoprice relay to control just your solenoid because it’s a low voltage 24vac.

(Alwas) #4

Not sure if this helps but I connected my solenoid with a Fibaro relay and now it’s integrated to SmartThings.