Local processing low voltage relay?

Hey guys,

I am trying to integrate a wired alarm siren (12v dry contact) to smartthings. Thought about lots of options to integrate this siren. The only problem is that I don’t want to be depended on internet connection (e.g. local processing) or power loss. So I have 12v constant power ups for that siren and I only need to switch it’s power on/off.
So I am looking for a reliable local processing low voltage relay and I couldn’t find any decent one.
The only hope that I have is in the local processing device list provided by Samsung (https://graph.api.smartthings.com/localDevice/list) where there is a line of some general “Z-Wave Relay” that marked - Local processing: TRUE.
What is that “Z-Wave Relay” can I use any relay with that DH (Fibaro relay or Quibino relay).

Any help will be appreciated.


What is the power supply of the 12v siren?

Can you plug the plug :electric_plug: of the power supply into a switched outlet?

The SmartThings SmartPower Outlet is a Zigbee switch, mentioned in the list you refer to.

This last one is a Switched plugin outlet from GE.

Another option to have is a 110v or 220v relay (depending on your needs) and connect the coil of the relay to one of the above mentioned switches/outlets and switch the 12v of the siren when you switch on/off the relay.

Don’t know for sure if there is local processing when you use the Fibaro or Quibino relay.

Grtn Ben

PS I have a Fibaro Single Switch 2 ZW5, that shows Cloud in my IDE page.

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its just a standard device handler, no frills, i use it for a z-wave module on my heating, yes it runs local

Will it run on Fibaro/Quibino relay?

will the DH control them, yea should do(assuming they are single swithces), just change it over in the IDE and test

Thank you :slight_smile:
Will order those relays and update.

rember to actualy do anything with the realy (switch on/off) you will ahve to use a the smartlighting app (it runs localy) , as all other commands (phone/actions tiles) are trigerd from the cloud

it just used one of these

So does the siren have a “power block” that gets plugged into a regular outlet?

Then you do not have to use a device called a relay. You can buy a SmartThings zigbee outlet or equivalent.

Just as an FYI. There is also something called. Dry contact relay. Which sounds like you do not need. Like a garage door open/closed, it is low voltage relay that takes one low voltage line that comes from the garage controller and jumps it to the other line to open close the garage door.

Yhe… I will use dry contact relay.
My solution will be another 24v ups connected as a power supply to Quibino relay 1D, the other UPS will provide 12v to the siren trough the relay, and I’ll use smartthings generic relay DH for local processing capabilities.

Thanks guys.

24v ups for both power source and siren power: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32906006226.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.6f504356SHG1Lo&algo_pvid=49b5be49-3285-467e-8acf-ef12d0ff1e74&algo_expid=49b5be49-3285-467e-8acf-ef12d0ff1e74-6&btsid=f030327f-693a-4a1f-b364-00e3854f5b35&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_55