24v micro switch

(Bruno) #1


Does anyone know of a micro switch that has 120v in, 24v out? I can’t seem to find one.

I want to use it for a DIY lawn irrigation to hook up to a 24v selonoid.

Thank you

(Paul Haskins) #2

You’re getting terminology confused. Switches are not 1 voltage in and another out. You need a transformer to convert.

Do you want ST to switch the solenoid? If so you need a ST dry contact like this http://www.amazon.com/GoControl-Z-Wave-Isolated-Contact-Fixture/dp/B00ER6MH22 (or similar) to switch as 24V transformer.

Might be just as cheap to get one of the Zwave irrigation controllers.

(Bruno) #3

Thank you for the clarification. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Just need something to turn the selonoid off/on via ST

(Paul Haskins) #4

You could also - if it’s just one solenoid - use ST to power the transformer on and off.

I use a 4 zone irrigation timer (no smart integration) and the transformer is built in.

(Cody Truscott) #5

This is what I do for a hot tub drain valve.

(Alwas) #6

So I’m just trying to set up an irrigation system using a Fibaro relay today, it turns the sprinklers ON, just can’t get it to switch them OFF!
And I’ve just seen my water valve is 9V, I thought it was 24V, not sure if this makes a difference, any ideas…?

This is the wiring diagram I copied, but couldn’t turn them off! Confused!

(Ray) #7

I don’t see you have anything connected to the switches terminal of the fibaro so it’s correct to say you can turn it on with the ST app but not off? Also, what kind of valve are you using? Normally closed or does it need voltage for open/close?
Best way to test the valve is apply voltage to it and see what it does then remove the voltage and check the position of the valve again.

Edit : 24 vdc on a 9vdc will burn the valve soon if there is no current regulator.

(Bruno) #8

I’m going to use this with a zwave receptacle. I only have 1 zone so this should work.

(Alwas) #9

Thanks for the reply and helping, so the issue must be that I have 12v power, trying to switch a 9v valve! Yes, I got Smartthings to turn the valve ON, but i couldn’t get it to turn OFF, I got very wet in the process and flooded the garden for half an hour!

I followed these instructions and wiring diagrams exactly, I’m assuming S1/S2 terminals of the relay aren’t connected because they are for a physical switch, but I don’t need a physical switch. It should still work via Smartthings.

So I guess I need to either change the valve to a 12v model for this to work, or as you say, somehow reduce the 12v current from the transformer to 9v so the relay current matches the valve current?

(Ray) #10

I don’t think it’s a voltage issue unless your 12v adapter doesn’t have enough current to drive the valve closed. Is this valve normally closed with no power to it? If it is then it could be a water pressure issue. Maybe you are installing it in the wrong direction against the pressure for closing?

(David Tucker) #11

Looks like you have a bistable latching valve, so you need to provide a short +9v power to open, then a short reverse polarity 9v to close.

(Nicolas Hurtado) #12

Those water valves are usually low voltage vac not dc, that’s the reason they won’t shut off.