Need a smartthings relay? Check this Digital Loggers device out (new to me)

Hello all, wanted to share a wonderful product I found by accident

Enclosed AC/DC Power Relay with Protection & De-Bounce. Screw Terminals. 120V Trigger Input.

The tl:dr if you have something that needs a relay (perhaps something that would otherwise be controlled by a thermostat as in my case) combinging this with the smart plug of your choice is the way to go.

I happen to be using it with a ARGO controller that’s connected to a Navian instant hot water heater that runs my heating.

(Basically I was too lazy to mess with sangoma relays and fortrezz was more expensive and I had plenty of ST compatible plugs :))


Is this UL or ETL listed?

I don’t believe so as far as I can tell

They’re good. I’ve been using 2 of them for like 6 months with absolutely no issues.

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Looks cool! I bet there are lots of good uses for this…

Could have used this in a couple of “hacks” that I’ve implemented.

Here’s one were I used a step down 120v to 24v transformer then a 24v relay to open/close the valve for my fireplace. This is connected to Smart Switch thats going to a dumb plug to turn on power to the Fan.

I don’t understand how you would use this. Wouldn’t it still have to be controlled with a smart plug or something to apply the 120v to get it to trigger the relay on? Wouldn’t it just be easier to wire whatever you want to control to the smart plug? If you usecase, couldn’t you just power the transformer with a smart plug and get the same functionality?

Smart plugs will output 120v…What if you just need a way to open/close a circuit? Of course you could use a Zwave or Zigbee relay but those cost upwards of $40…With this, the Smart Plug will open/close the circuit with or without supplying voltage. Great for low or no voltage operations.

Look at my fireplace example above. This would be perfect for that application.


The thing I found (I don’t know the technical term) is that zwave relays usually use smaller physical contacts where vs larger screws - also the other thing for me is that most zwave relays (or sangoma) don’t have a physical switch of their own you can walk up to and physically flip so you need a smart socket anyway. Or god forbid your Wi-Fi is down or Samsung isn’t working quite right…

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I use them to control my garage doors. Output from a z-wave Inovelli dual outlet (120 V AC) go to the coil of the relay and the relay gives out dry contact that you can use for whatever you want.

The most under rated use I think is as a dumb thermostat replacement where a smart thermostat doesn’t make sense (certainly cheaper)

I went ahead and ordered a couple of these. Really great price and functionality. Thanks for sharing!

Okay. I just used an automotive relay and an old wall-wart I had laying around. I don’t like messing with mains voltage if I don’t have to. 12v is much safer.