refreshAfterSelection no longer working on iPhone

After the latest iphone update I’ve found that refreshAfterSelection: true no longer work on Dynamic pages in the smart apps. It used to work before the update.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Okay to answer my own question - I spoke with ST Support and they escalated to Dev.
Dev confirmed that it’s a known bug. Don’t have an ETA from them yet, pretty serious and basic bug IMHO. Wonder how it got past QA!

@April is there any way to get a list of known bugs for the platform and apps? Some Sticky thread? If not can you please pass that feedback on internally to the leadership team.

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Hey RBoy,

I’m currently actively looking at a way to do some known bugs list, however - I do not have the capacity to do a manual update, therefore, we are reviewing our best options for what we need. :slight_smile: It’s been heard, it’s been requested - now I just need to pull the trigger… :slight_smile:

If I may suggest, there could be a running sticky thread, and your dev team could do a webservices integration with the sticky to post the release notes/known issues straight from the release build / source control.

Thanks for the heads up. I just noticed this myself and searched the community to see if anyone else was seeing it. I hope it is fixed soon, kind of breaks a few things.

Well here’s the kicker, looks like ST made that refreshAfterSelection obsolete. Instead they put a new option submitOnChange. That works fine, although I can’t understand why they would change the name? If it was broken, fix it instead of changing the variable name.

@Jim any thoughts?

Here is the article on it…doesn’t seem that refereshAfterSelection is gone…it still works on the android…but so does this new ‘submitOnChange’

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There were some changes internally in how the pages are persisted using submitOnChange. The name change was done to better reflect what’s actually happening - the page will be submitted and re-rendered when the input is filled in.

I understand the logic @Jim, IMHO when that’s something that should be transparent to the devs. Reason I say so is that from a dev’s perspective both achieve the same functionality, so when I used refreshAfterSelected I expected it to do exactly what submitOnChange does, however changing it and deprecating refreshAfterSelection now makes me have to recode all my apps. Hence I expected the change to be transparent.

I agree and understand the frustration. We should have communicated that this change was coming, and given developers lead time and transparency here.