Optional input parameter reverting to previous selection, when un-selected

Starting today I noticed that any input fields where required = false, are not clearing themselves out when unselected.
They revert to the previous value.
This applies to devices and enums so far…

Anyone else having this issue?

Can someone verify the above?, or not?
It’s happening in all my apps where the input(s) are optional.
Just want to make sure it’s not me before submitting a ticket…

I noticed it in Routines the other day. I tried to “de-select” some option things and upon exiting out and re-entering the routine, they always were going back to what I had selected previously.

This was already found on Android. A fix is in the pipe.

Are you on Android?

I’m Android, yes…

Backend update?, App update?, ETA?

Seriously. That is great news. I thought I was going crazy.

Of course support said they couldn’t reproduce the issue and closed my ticket…

Need this fix ASAP. (along with all the other android related fixes)

LOL, I can now see the pile of iPhones they use for diagnostics…

  1. @Mike_Maxwell: fix is looking to release this week or next.

  2. @pstuart: Going? Aren’t you already there? Haha.