Reconnecting GoControls WA105DBZ Siren to A Different ST V2 Hub

I’m trying to set up a security system for my Mother-in-law, so I bought the above siren some motion sensors and tested them with my existing system. I then bought another V2 ST Hub and now have that working and set up with new motion sensors. I tried to un-pair the siren from my existing hub. Ended up selecting Forced removal (sorry about the misused terms) and now I can’t get the LED on the siren to blink to connect to the new Hub. Tried pushing the the tamper button in the back 1 sec, no effect and 7 sec which set off the alarm.

Thanks for any help.

On the previous hub that you did force remove, do a general exclusion in z-wave utilities.

Once hub is in general exclusion mode on the siren tap the tamper button.
That’s how you do a z-wave unpairing from current hub.

Then go back to the siren properties and click remove (same menu where force remove was available, i cant remember if the siren will be listed at this point after doing eclusion steps above but just in case.)

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All working now!!! Thx Smartphi.