Reconnecting devices after migration to new Samsung app

In the new Samsung app, all of our SmartThings devices appear, but at least 75% of them are “Disconnected.”

Do I have to REMOVE each “disconnected” item and start over to reconnect it? Or can I somehow reconnect existing items without losing all their [tediously configured] settings?

I’ve seen others reporting this, but surely this isn’t the normal migration experience? There’s not even any pattern in what’s working and what’s not, such as SmartThings brand devices vs third-party devices. We have 2 door sensors and 1 is working; we have 2 wet/dry sensors and 1 is working.

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  1. stick to the classic app.
  2. email support
  3. are the same device that are working and not working the same exact brand and model?
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  1. Don’t cross-post!!!