REconnect Hue Hub to Smartthings

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #1

My ISP offered an upgrade to my DSL speeds, but it required a new modem. I had LOTS of other problems (and some still manifest in some situations) but I’ve got these things back working:

Hue Hub is online and responds to commands from Hue apps.
Smartthings hub is online and works no worse than it ever did (yeah, I’m not super happy with ST.)
Smartthings thinks the Hue Hub is where it was. “Sees” it, reports no problems. Sends commands.

What DOESN’T happen is, well, any indication that the Hue Hub hears anything from Smartthings. Not one command issued by ST has been executed by Hue.

I have no idea what to do to restore this communication, especially while maintaining the setup I have, Hue light names, etc. Though having to redo everything is already something I’m considering, in an effort to cope with all my other dissatisfactions with ST. Sure would be nice if I could back it all up and restore it if my re-creation doesn’t work well!

Anyone got a process for re-linking a Hue hub to ST? Especially when ST still sees it?


Talk to support.

You can email

Or if it’s during business hours, you can use chat. Click on Support at the top Of this page, then Troubleshooting, then look for the tiny chat window at the bottom of that page.

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I had the Same problem without replacing my modem. Support had me remove the Hue Hub and add it back. It required me to redo all of my automation and ultimately things worked briefly. The bulbs became very inconsistent.
I then noticed that my Hue Hub would intermittently show the Internet connection offline but the hue app still worked. I also had a network switch between my Hue Hub and my router. So what I did was move my hue hub closer to my bulbs and connected it to a line which connects directly to my router. Now my bulbs work maybe 85% of the time. (Which is better than not at all).

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #4

Here’s what ST support had me do, and it works now:

  1. Open up the Hue (connect) SmartApp
  2. Tap the field for the Hue Bridge
  3. Deselect the radio button for the Hue Bridge and hit done
  4. Force Close the SmartThings App
  5. Open up the native Hue app
  6. Change the name of your Hue Bridge
  7. Open up the SmartThings App
  8. Open up the Hue (Connect) SmartApp and re-select your Hue Bridge

Interestingly, they suggested in a comment outside of this list that turning Hue devices on or off through a Hue app should report to SmartThings. Now this has NEVER EVER worked for me. Can anyone confirm that it works for them? My Hue bridge only seems to receive communication from ST, not send to it.


It’s supposed to work, and they put out some recent fixes to make it work better. For me, it used to work fine, then it didn’t work at all, now it works sometimes, but with a delay.

It’s easy for me to track when it changes, because I have a hue bulb on the nightstand in the bedroom, and I use the big switch smart app so that the overhead light in the same room, which is a Z wave switch, is supposed to follow the nightstand light. Like I said, it worked great for about a month when I first set it up, then it didn’t work at all for a couple of months, and the last few weeks it has worked but with a noticeable delay of several minutes.