Recommended Front Door lock/deadbolt for smart things (2023)

I posted this over in the Samsung community and they redirected me here. I’m starting from scratch in a new condo so I’m willing to buy & use whatever hardware is easiest/works best.

What hardware do I need to use smartthings/samsung wallet to lock & unlock my front door? According to Do the SmartThings! | Samsung US

“The video doorbell shows your front door feed on the smart display of your refrigerator and TV, and you can even unlock your door with Samsung Wallet7 on your mobile.”

I can’t seem to find any information on how to actually do this. The smart locks I’m seeing online are z-wave which is not compatible with the SmartThings Station.

Ideally I’d also like to be able to set temporary keypad codes for the lock with smartthings as well

Bonus points if I can unlock the front door with a tap from my galaxy watch 6.

Any guidance of where to start would be much appreciated!


You are correct that zwave locks have been very popular (mostly because Wi-Fi doesn’t interfere with zwave, so historically, it’s been a good choice for “fixed position“ devices like door locks, where there’s only one place you can put it). But there are locks using other protocols, including both Zigbee and Bluetooth to a Wi-Fi bridge, which also work with smartthings.

First, though, since you said, this was a condo: many condo buildings place restrictions on the hardware you can put on the outside of the door, for aesthetic reasons. So you want to check with them to see if they limit which smart locks and video doorbells you are allowed to use.

There are some smart locks which don’t require any hardware on the outside of the door: they work by fitting over the turnbolt on the inside and physically turning it. Those are popular for people in apartments and condos that do have these kind of restrictions. So that is another option, although then you won’t have a keypad or a video doorbell on the outside. :thinking:

Once you’ve checked to see if there are any restrictions on your choices by your condo owners association, then we can go ahead and make some specific suggestions.

Also, we will need to know what country you are in, as the device selections do vary.

And which, if any, smartthings/aeotec hub you have, although it sounds like you are planning on the smartthings station. But I just want to confirm that. :sunglasses:

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Thanks so much! I’m in the USA, and my condo association said I can use whatever I want.

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This feature is not yet available.

There are quite a few locks which can recognize when your phone gets close to them and unlock on that basis, if that’s of any help. These are typically using Bluetooth, so the range is pretty short, maybe 30 feet.

There are also some other ways to do this in a smartthings set up, but it can be tricky in a condo situation since you don’t usually want your door unlocked while you’re still down in the parking garage.

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Good then you will have several choices.

Everybody has their favorites, but Yale and Schlage are the two big names that have the higher security rating. (Kwikset is popular for people looking for a budget option, but it’s not rated as high.) august is now owned by Yale.

Both Yale and Schlage offer models that are Zigbee or models that communicate from the lock to a plug-in bridge by Bluetooth and then from the bridge to smartthings by Wi-Fi. So look for ones that either say Zigbee, or that say “Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.“ The ones that are just Bluetooth do not work with smartthings.

I’m tired today and I don’t know all the details of which Zigbee models have Edge Drivers that work well, so I’m going to leave that others to discuss. The Wi-Fi models don’t need an edge Driver so they should already be working with the new smartthings architecture as long as they are part of the official Integration.

The easiest place to start Your research is to open Smartthings app. Tap the plus sign in the upper right and select add a device. Then choose by “device type“ rather than by brand, and select door locks.

This will bring up a list of brands. However, only some models of each brand work with SmartThings.

Select the brand you want to research, like Yale.

Choose the “view by model name“ link to see the exact models that are part of the official integration.

Now, if the company is well organized, you will see a list of model numbers separated by protocol, so that all the Zigbee models are together, all the Wi-Fi models are together, etc. Yale does it this way, which is why I picked them for the example.

And then you can start researching individual models. :sunglasses:


One more thing…

In almost all cases, and I believe in the case of all of the devices that work with smartthings, the video doorbell is a different device than the smart lock. The smart lock is mounted on the door. The video doorbell is mounted where a doorbell normally goes on the wall. Almost all of the video doorbells, and again, all of the ones that work with smartthings, use Wi-Fi. (Zigbee and zwave are network protocols designed for little tiny messages, like “unlock the door“. They can’t handle the amount of data required for a video stream. But Wi-Fi is great at that.)

This picture shows a Schlage smart lock with a keypad on the door, and a ring video doorbell where the doorbell normally goes.

So for the video doorbell options, you’ll be looking at a different device category.

You have to check model numbers carefully. For example, ring does make a peephole camera specifically designed for apartments and condos, but that particular model is not part of the smart things/ring integration. :disappointed_relieved: