Door Lock, suggestions?

Which door lock would you suggest to use with the SmrtThings Hub?

i dont need anything special, i just want to be able to control it via the hub


This is the best place to start:

I always make two recommendations for features:

  1. Get one with both a keypad (much easier in many cases to enter a PIN rather than activating a Bluetooth or other presence token… You can go for a jog without any physical device and still unlock your door).

  2. And a standard keyslot (you can put a key safe outside your home or with a trusted neighbor in case battery or other malfunction occurs).

I have the new Schlage with Z-Wave. Frankly, I expect to rarely use SmartThings to lock or unlock, but rather just the keypad. SmartThings, however, will be handy for confirming that I locked the door, and identifying who (by pass code assignment) unlocked the door and when).

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This has been working pretty well for some of us. Make sure it’s the zwave version.

PMed you for security reasons.

Now I’m curious! Some lock related vulnerability??

Haha no I just decided that I feel weird publicly posting my lock model. Trying to find all instances of me referencing it. :sweat_smile:

It’s getting scary out there!

Are you going to scratch off the logo from it physically?! :smile:

Nah if you’re at my door you’re probably supposed to be their or breaking in already. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Then the biological security system kicks in which is honestly pretty intimidating, but secretly sweet German Shepherds.

thankyou all

I need help undestanding what is the best solution for my home .
i need something that is more or less like my old lock see here
the size is 10 incx 2 in

There are likely several “Z-Wave Lever Locks” (Google!).

Schlage is not a bad brand…

is more about the size. i need to cover the the sign of the old lock

i think i found something

how to get this to work with the hub? should i write some code? sorry for the silly question

Z-Wave command sets are actually very standard (more so than a lot of ZigBee devices at the moment), so it will very likely be automatically recognized as a “Z-Wave Lock” and work with the default SmartThings Device Type Handler.

But make sure you get the right FREQUENCY model. European is different than USA and must match the country model of your hub!

oh. that is an important info. i going to move in europe. and i figured out i cannot buy the hub there. really?is there a solution to this?

Not with Z-Wave Devices… You need to have the appropriate frequency for your country for the hub and all devices.

ZigBee is better… Same frequency worldwide, but harder to find some things like Locks…

is there any zwave hub in europe i can buy? specifically germany?

SmartThings has said that they do plan to eventually release a European version, but no specific timeline. They did recently hold a developer Call-in event for the UK, so they do seem serious about it. But again no specific timeline.

i know this is ST forum … but what would be the alternative in EU for now?