Recommended button smart switch button for smartthings that has an edge driver?

is there a recommendation for a smart light switch that has an edge driver?
does the Aeotec Smart Button run locally?

  1. What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

  2. are you looking for a battery powered button? Or a switch that is wired into Mains power?

  3. all edge Drivers are eligible to run locally. Whether a specific routine/automation runs locally or not depends on its details.

  4. Edge is still in beta so all edge drivers are in beta. There may be glitches or frequent changes during this phase.

  5. the Aeotec smart button runs locally on the old platform. To be honest, I don’t know if there’s an edge driver for it yet, but my expectation is that there will be eventually if there isn’t yet.

  1. Australia
  2. Battery powered
    3 Edge would be good, but fine with anything local or even just a device that works fast

Would you know if the tradfri on/off button or dimmer switch has an edge driver and or runs local?

Tradfri has several different models, and some of them, at least, do also run locally under the old architecture and do already have a stock edge Driver in the smartthings beta channel.

The only issue with those is that some people (not all) are finding that the batteries only last a few days. Nobody is 100% sure of what the problem is, particularly since it doesn’t affect everybody. But it’s not a smartthings issue: it’s happening with other home automation platforms as well. There is some suspicion that it may be a routing issue, when the button tries to reroute through certain repeaters, it gets confused, and start sending “verbose” polling responses, which use up its battery. There are several threads in the forum about this issue.

Here’s one:

Ikea 5 button remote killing batteries


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My recommendation would be to buy one or two, try them, and see if you run into the problem. So just be aware that it may happen. :thinking: