Ikea Battery Issue Hub Poll (2021)

If you are having the problem with IKEA devices using up batteries really quickly, what hub do you have?

  • Hub V2 US
  • Hub V2 UK
  • Hub V3 US
  • Hub V3 UK
  • Hub V3 AU
  • WiFi Connect Home US
  • WiFi Connect Home UK
  • WiFi with Plume
  • Aeotec V3 US
  • Aeotec V3 UK
  • Aeotec V3 AU
  • Other

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For community discussion of the problem, see the following Thread:

Ikea 5 button remote killing batteries

Wow until now I can keep the hope in Aeotec ST V3 they could work …

all over the place, so that rules out just one hub model.


Yup I could only vote once… But they die on my Home Assistant Zigbee dongle. Too…

Lots of chat about this on Git Hub and HA forums… Zero solutions.


I guess this will never get fixed :frowning: