Recommendations for smart light bulb with small form factor

I have a few light fixtures that have a narrow “shade” (it’s glass) around them and won’t fit a standard A19 light bulb. The length of the socket + bulb isn’t the problem in this case, it’s how wide the bulb is.

Does anyone know of any smart/connected light bulbs that are narrower than A19? The socket on the fixture is GU24, but I have adapters to convert to E26. I don’t need colors (just white), just would like to control brightness and each bulb individually. I’ve been searching all over and haven’t had much luck!

Unfortunately, the single light switch controls three lights in the room and I’d like a bit more flexibility there.

Thanks in advance!

I’m not familiar with any form factors smaller than A19.

Hm. That’s unfortunate.

I wonder if there is some kind of module that could be put inline to control the light bulb, even if it’s on/off only. Then I could use any kind of light bulb that would fit.

Heard of anything like that?

Like this?

Philips Hue has GU10’s. AFAIK, they’re the smallest connected lamp available.

That looks like an option, except that it appears to be wider than the A19 even. But I’ll look around some more and see if there’s another option along this line of thinking. I appreciate the help!

Hm. Maybe that’s an option… would just need to find a converter from GU24 to GU10. But that might be doable.

There’s this project on Kickstarter:

Unfortunately they’ve gone down the Bluetooth path rather than WiFi, Zigbee or Z-wave, so integrating with SmartThings will be a bit of an effort.

I never quite understood the use of Bluetooth for light control. Seems counter-intuitive to the whole home automation thing. I guess if you’re only looking to control one or two lights with your phone…

I ended up removing the glass lamp shades for the time being and using the $15 GE Link bulbs. It’s for an above sink fixture in the bathroom, so eh… It’ll work for now. And wow… they are bright!

Thanks all for the help! If anyone runs across anything, I’d certainly be interesting in hearing about it…