Looking for a bulb

I’m sure this exists, but I am having trouble finding one. I am posting this just in case someone has a recommendation. I need an A19 standard bulb that is controllable directly by Smartthings, whatever protocol - Zwave, Zigbee etc. I’d like it to be 6500k at all times (non-adjustable).Just white, no RGB. It should be dimmable of course. And it should be 15 watts or 100 watt equivalent. Thanks in advance.

At the present time, the brightest smart bulbs are some of the Wi-Fi bulbs. And while they are controllable by SmartThings, but it’s typically a cloud to cloud integration, and I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for.

LIFX works well with SmartThings, and is one of the brightest smart bulbs, but even then it’s only 1100 lm and 13 W, so that’s more of a 75 W equivalent. Brighter than your typical smart bulb, but still not hitting your specs. :disappointed_relieved:

The problem is that the brighter the bulb, the hotter it runs, and heat is bad for the radios which operates smart bulbs. I just haven’t seen any as bright as you’re looking for.

Can you use a smart switch or in wall micro with a Dumb bulb instead? That moves the radio away from the bulb itself, so you can use brighter bulbs.

Thanks JD, that might be a useful alternative. I may try the Sengled Element Plus. That is the closest I can find and the price is right. I’d like to use smart switches but I am in an apartment now and they likely don’t want me to mess with the electricals. Previously, I was in a house that had no neutral wires and that thwarted my whole house lighting automation. I may search some more. Thanks again.