Small light bulb

I have a small lamp that requires a small bulb. All the connected bulbs I see are to big. I can get a non connected bulb and use a smart plug. But I would really like to control the brightness of the bulb. Any recommendations?

Small as in candlelabra bulb or just a small bulb? Look on the base of the existing dumb bulb and see if there’s a size code. It will be a letter and a number, like E26 or A19.

There are a couple of candlelabra smart bulbs available now, including Hue.

If you just need a small round bulb with a standard base, LIFX mini might work. It’s available in dimmable white or multicolor.

If it’s candelabra/e12, ikea makes some that are pretty cheap and work with SmartThings.

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LIFX is has small ones now too E12 fitting. Coming out on 10/27.


How about the following GE Zigbee Plug in dimmer?

or, if you prefer Z-wave Plus…

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LIFX Looks like it would work. Thanks. All.

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I check the LIFX bulb on amazon. The reviews were very bad. Are they accurate? Is this not very well supported by ST? Do you need a separate app?

I’ve been using LIFX with ST for about 4 years now. No issues. 10 bulbs. They integrate with ST and the ST app

Thanks. Will give it a shot

Got a lifx bulb. It is complicated to connect. You need to download the lifx app and claim it then connect it to your WiFi. Then is still does not connect to ST. Bad choice. Way to complicated. Probably going to return it.

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The LIFX integration is cloud to cloud, between your LIFX account and your SmartThings account.

In some ways it should be easier than protocols that connect directly to the hub, like zwave or zigbee, because it’s just one task to find multiple bulbs rather than adding one at a time.

If you do get stuck, support should be able to help because it’s an official integration. But the knowledgebase article is pretty good, so give it a look first. :sunglasses:

Got it connected. Took many steps. When you have one lifx bulb it is more work then I am used to.

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