Controllable Small Bulbs

I have a 7-light fixture over my breakfast table:

Background: The lighting plan for my house is to use Hue A19 color lights in all lamps and decorative fixtures and to use GE Reveal BR30’s in all my recessed fixtures. The recessed fixtures are direct controlled via GE Z-wave dimmer switches. The other lights are wired in parallel to GE Z-wave on/off switches - the switch communicates via SmartThings hub to control the light (via hue).

Problem: I can fit hue bulbs in the top 5 lights, but not the two in the bottom dish. This dish currently used type A appliance. I have not found any controllable appliance bulbs. The fixture is wired in parallel to the switch for hue communication, which means all sockets are always on. If I wire the fixture in line with the switch, then pressing the switch off kills power to the bulbs and they cannot respond to command.

Question for Community: any ideas for a controllable Type A appliance bulb?

My plan B is to disassemble the fixture and run a second lamp chord into the ceiling box and use a micro dimmer.

It’s not as small as a typical appliance bulb, but the new LIFX mini is about 2 inches shorter than most other A19 smart bulbs, so it might work.

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