Need a 'Small' A19 Smart Bulb

Anyone know of a small form factor A19 smart bulb? I have lots of Cree Connected bulbs and they work fine for me but I am trying to find something that is smaller in physical size to fit in an existing lamp (and not stick out of the top of the shade).


The Hue White A19 ( typically $15 at Best Buy) is a pretty small bulb. 800 lm.

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Thanks JD. Now, I do not have anything Hue. I will do my research but these can be used without a Hue bridge right? I really have no use for anything else Hue.

Officially, only integration with the bridge is supported. That’s also what I recommend, it opens up a lot of other possibilities. :sunglasses::bulb:

It is technically possible to connect the bulb without using the bridge, but there are some complications. Just search the forums, you should find discussion.

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Thank you sir. I will do some reading. I do realize the info is out there. I have just passed over those threads until now as I wasn’t a Hue user.

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