Recommendation for Z-Wave Repeater for Kwikset 910 Z-wave Lock

I have a Kwikset 910 Zwave Lock that has been successfully incorporated into my ST devices. It performs as expected when I bring it inside the home, near the ST Hub. Since this Z-Wave lock will be located at a distance in our garage, which is outside the current working range of the Zwave network for a lock, “WHAT WOULD ONE RECOMMEND FOR ZWAVE REPEATER THAT WOULD WORK WITH A ZWAVE KWIKSET 910 LOCK”?

I have heard that the Zwave repeater has to be powered by A/C and able to support encrypted traffic that Z-Wave locks require? If so, which ST supported device would one recommend that can perform both these requirements.

Interesting enough, I have a ST open/close sensor on the same door in the garage, and it works perfectly at this extended distance (35’), but the Z-wave lock will not pick up any Z-wave signal from the ST hub when located in our garage. I suspect that Z-wave locks are not as sensitive as the open/close door sensors?

If in garage put a garage opener, other option is replace a ight switch nearby with zwave switch. I also have used intermatic ha02c and ha03c to good use. U can see them repeating as light flashes.

Thanks for the response @Lgkahn. Do you know if this type of powered repeater would work with a Z-Wave lock? I have read on the ST forum that the repeater needs to be able to relay an encrypted response and that most repeaters are setup for only non encrypted relay.

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All about zwave locks and beaming.

As for specific devices, you can check any device’s “conformance statement” on the Z wave alliance product site to see if it support beaming. Match model numbers exactly. Beaming is an optional feature so sometimes it is not present in one model then added into the next model then removed again.

I usually use a plug-in module that supports beaming. I have one from Schlage that cost me about $20 on sale. These days I would pay more and get a zwave plus one, though, for the extra range.

The Dragontech PA 100 is zwave plus, supports beaming and Z wave network security, and costs about $35 new at zwave products. That’s probably the one I get today.

They typically also offer it in a bundle with a minimote for about $8 more, which is a good deal if you can use another minimote.

But different people do have different preferences. The DragonTech is intended to be inexpensive, and it doesn’t have the extra nonnetworked passthrough that a lot of these switches do. I’d rather have the Z Way plus, though.

The even cheaper PD 100 is a dimmer model from DragonTech that does support beaming and has zwave plus, but it only supports incandescents and doesn’t have the grounding plug, so personally I prefer the “appliance module” the PA 100, Because I would get more use out of it. But your use cases might be different.

I think DragonTech may just be a new house brand for At the time of this writing the DragonTech wall switches were made by Jasco (who also make the GE switches), but the plug-in module was made by Domitech. Both well-known value brands.

I have a few plug in G.E. appliance modules for this very purpose. I don’t recall the model # off hand. If you need anything further feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

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New home and new to z-wave. I have a few of the GE switches 12722, a couple Aeon Lab ZW117 range enxtenders and 3 Kwikset 910 Z-Wave locks. The only lock that works reliably is the front door which is 15 feet away from the hub in the home office. Taking the garage as an example, I have a GE 12722 in the garage and a GE slave switch to control the breezeway light. Both switches are next to Kwikset 910 Z-Wave locks. Between the hub and the hallway, I have an Aeon Lab extender. With the extender in place, I can reliably control the breezeway switch, but oddly, I cannot control or get status from either of the locks that are right next to switches. I would expect to be able to control at least the garage door, literally right next to the GE 12722.

My theory is that the Aeon Lab does not pass on encrypted messages for the locks. However, the Aeon Lab site clearly says it does support encryption (

My house is a larger home and the garage is behind the house on an alley. So, it’s a pretty good distance from the office to the garage. If I put the hub where I can communicate with the back door, I can’t reach the garage or the front door.

Does every repeater have to support “beaming” and “encryption”? Or just Encryption and the nearest devices must support beaming? What kind of devices do I need between the ST2 hub and the door locks to make it work reliably?