Leviton devices without repeater capabiltiy?

Hey all,

I’m noticing that a number of Leviton devices on the SmartThings Compatibility list don’t have the “Device is also a wireless repeater” bubble beside them.

Specifically, I’m looking at the DZPA1 model. Since this is a plug-in Z-wave power outlet, can I just assume that it will act as a Z-wave repeater or am I missing something?


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Specifically, I’m looking at the DZPA1 model. Since this is a plug-in Z-wave power outlet, can I just assume that it will act as a Z-wave repeater


In the conformance statement on the official zwave alliance products site it is noted that this device supports beaming. That’s a repeater function.


Note also the description of " router" in the user guide–in this context, that’s another term for repeater.


You can write to Leviton to confirm, but it should be fine.

It’s not Zwave plus, btw, it’s the previous generation. Still compatible, but shorter range.

Excellent! Thanks so much for the quick and detailed response!

The target battery powered Z-wave device (Kwikset 910 Deadbolt) that I want to ‘repeat to’ is only going to be about 7 feet away from the DZPA1 with a direct line of sight. I think this should work out well.

@JDRoberts…I have one more quick question:

I see that the Kwikset 910 lock supports “128-bit AES encryption”. Do I have to find a Z-wave repeater that includes this functionality for it to work with the lock? From what I can see the Leviton DZPA1 does not include this function.

I saw in another thread that you recommended the Dragontech PA 100. Maybe go with that instead? I don’t see it on the official compatibility list but I assume it works with ST?

Thanks again!

The repeater doesn’t have to support encryption, it’s just passing along the message packet. The hub supports encryption and so does the lock so that’s all you need for that.

Me, personally, I would go with a zwave plus device if it fit my budget. The DragonTech work fine with ST.

@JDRoberts - thanks again! I bought the DZPA1 for now as it was most convenient but I may swap for the Dragontech once I have confirmed at the repeater is helping with my lock.

Hi JDRoberts…one more question for you (and thanks again!):

Does the z-wave switch have to be on for the Z-wave repeater functionality to work? Or is it ok for it to be plugged in but with the ‘off’ status?

Boy I wish that SmartThings had a way to show the path of communications between devices, repeaters, and the hub. It would make this much less of a guessing game!

As Long as the pocket socket is plugged in, it will be able to repeat. Same reason it can hear the next “on” command from the network. It’s still drawng enough power to run the radio.

Perfect - thanks again!