Recommendation for contact sensors, in bulk?

It is not uncommon for new electronics to fail. Over the years I have had issues with $900 new processors, motherboards, video cards, these are only cheap sensors. I bought them knowing that some might fail and I probably will not able to get replacement. They still average cheaper than what I was willing to pay.

How long has this been in the IDE? I never noticed it before!

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It’s been there for quite some time in one form or another. I saw it when it first came out a few months a go, and ST has kept improving it ever since!

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They’ve been implemented over the last couple months. Zwave was showing the routes backwards at first, but it’s been fixed. It’s extremely helpful. Would be even better to select a device and then see what other devices are routed through it. Maybe that’ll come soon.


I use a XBee to map my Zigbee network. Comes really handy If you have issues in your network and you want to see the whole picture. It also acts as a Zigbee router.

  1. Is there a best practice for adding the Iris 3326-L to your network? I was looking at the thread below but seems conflicting and also with some with batteries going dead quickly. Iris Motion Sensor (2nd gen, 3326-L)

Edit: i added my first with no problem using the generic ST iris motion sensor device. Do people use a custom device handler for these to edit motion time out, etc?

  1. I added the Iris 3310-L2 plug easily last night. So glad after reading many have issues with it. First Zigbee plug/repeater and then z-wave repeater (unplugged, plugged back in, put the hub in pairing mode, then hit the button on the plug 8 times; didn’t seem to work but it had added it to STv3 without me knowing).

  2. I got batteries in my motion sensors. Wasn’t expecting it to be with batteries. Anyone using the ones that came with it from this bulk purchase or just replaced to start out fresh?

There are not user adjustable settings on these sensors that I am aware of. I would use the built-in DTH to ensure local processing as an option.


These are basically new devices that have been unboxed and bagged to limit the amount of space they take up.

Use the stock DTH.

Batteries that came with mine mostly are at 89%. I would wait until they needed to be replaced. These take a long time for the batteries to die. I have one that’s been nagging me for months to change (<15%)…


If you already have a strong Z-Wave mesh, I would skip adding them as Z-Wave repeaters. The Zigbee repeaters work great but I’ve had, along with others, issues with adding them as Z-Wave repeaters.

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issue with the steps to add the z-wave repeater or issues with the quality of the repeating function after it is added? I assume the latter. I don’t have a strong z-wave mesh, but do want quality as I add, so advice taken. thanks.

The quality of the repeater. There are certain devices that just don’t play right with the Iris Z-Wave repeating functions. However, if you do not have a solid Z-Wave mesh then by all means try it out. Might work great for you. Just remember if you start having issues with your Z-Wave network, remember it might be the Iris plugs.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Got mine in the mail today and they all work and connected fine! Quite excited to have a crap ton of sensors now! When I first tried to pair, it was during the outage, which I didn’t know of at the time, and thought I got 3+ duds. I got one to sorta pair but it wouldn’t update after it did. Once the outage resolved, everything paired quickly.

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The Contact sensors are out of stock now. If anyone has any extras they want to get rid of, please let me know.

Are the IRIS 3210-L2 Smart Plugs good? I do not have any experience with them.
EDIT: I found [RELEASE] Iris SmartPlug Z-Wave Repeater with Diagnostics that convinced me to buy the 10 pack.

Mine arrived, all look good, will start connecting them soon. Eight of them have homes already planned, the other two will either find homes soon or rest in backup mode. Kudos on finding this vendor. Looks reliable and ships promptly.

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Does the ST announcement here mean anything bad for these old iris devices?

If it does mean anything bad for such devices in SmartThings, then Hubitat will sell lots of new hubs.

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That’s what I read too. Looks like ST is forcing out the " power users". I finally installed the new app on 1 phone last month. ¼ of my devices went offline or just disappeared entirely. That phone never leaves the house is not used for presence sensing or anything. However now with the new app running every time we leave, come home, change mode o get a " migration failed " in SHM.

Just to verify: are you aware that SHM is only for the old app. It is replaced by the completely separate STHM in the new app.

Running both of them will cause you confusion.

I suspect this is the “Migration issue” problem in the Classic App in the SHM:

It doesn’t seem to have any effect on anything. I’m not using the new app (nor have I added the STHM) and I see this occasionally.

I’m not running anything in the new app. Finally got around to installing it on an old phone. When ¼ of my devices disappeared/ changed device type in IDE I decided that I was right to have no interest in the new app. If 40-50 devices are going to be lost in migration I might as well rebuild my entire system on another platform.
Especially when I have to build out a new system for our new location anyway.