"migration issue" reported in Shm tile in Smartthings Classic

Noticed this message very recently. Not sure if it’s a problem, but does anyone know what it’s about? TIA


Another user reported the same issue…


I’m experiencing the same. No degradation, everything still works but I wonder for how long… if I’m forced to migrate and redo all my routines and such, I’ll bite the bullet and abandon ST for Hubitat.

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I’ve been seeing this on and off for the last week, but I thought it was tied to the fact that I had just migrated to a Samsung Account. I guess it isn’t. I see nothing wrong or broken otherwise.

I deleted smart home monitor from the new app and all was good again.

Nope it came back

So I have started to get this migration error on shm few days ago. In the shm screen… big green ok
What is it?

This is a known issue in the latest Classic app update. Of the reports I have seen, all of the users seeing this had not yet gone through app migration and their locations aren’t eligible for migration at this time. Internal investigation is ongoing.

This was reported by me about 2 months ago (see first post). Luckily it doesn’t seem to affect me, but it’s still showing.

Just got it on my SHM tonight for the first time.