Pet motion detector

I’m looking at getting this system, But I have a dog. A video on youtube said I can get 3rd party detectors. Should I or is anyone using the sensor in the kit? Should I stick with the stock sensor or find another, and what other one should I be looking at?

Thank You

I use two of the AEON motion sensors and they work quite well. They have a sensitivity setting on them which should allow you to dial out small dogs. Though honestly, in my opinion, positioning of the sensor is probably the key with avoid false positives with dogs. For example, the sensor in my den is on a shelf approx. 4 feet off the ground and it’s angled in such a way that it should pick up any movement in the den at or above 4’ but should be triggered by anything lower than that.

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Therefore, if someone army crawls into you house they will go undetected?


Theoretically, yes… but we keep all our valuables above 3 feet, so we’re okay there. :smile:

Realistically… in order to get into the house you’d have to either open a door (with a sensor on it) or break a window, which is above 3 feet, so would be detected.


I had my motion all sorted out… then someone brought home a kitten


Ok my starter kit has shipped and I have ordered a Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector, Pet Immune. So I will let everyone know how my install goes … Any other tips or must have add ons for a new smartthings user??

What do you think of motion sensor? Looking for some ideas.

sorry for the delay, I love my motion sensor. I highly recommend using them!

Still love? Any pets, if so what size?

Yes, its still working great. I have a small 30# dog. It works great for when no one is home. it doesn’t detect him.

I have a 60 lb PitBull and the Ecolink detects her movement even at the lowest sensitivity setting, so the EcoLink did not work for me.

So far, I have yet to find an ST-compatible motion sensor that is on par with the intelligence and quality of the 80lb pet immune sensors from DSC and Honeywell.