Fibaro, aeotech or zooz lux and motion sensor

I’m looking for a lux and motion sensor in my garage which can hit maybe -10c (14f) in the garage in the winter.

Basically just want to say when lux is below a value and it sees motion turn on a SmartThings light switch. Then after no motion for preset time turn off light.

I’m looking for the fastest and most reliable.

From all the reading I’ve done and videos I’m watch I’ve narrowed it down to the Fibaro eye, aeotech multisenor, aeotech tri sensor or zooz 4 in 1.

Ideally I’d like to have lux and motion without a custom device handler to avoid reliance on the cloud but if I need to device handler to get the best most reliable I will.

Also, if there’s a huge performance/reliability increase I would usb power it if needed. But would rather not if I don’t have to.

All the reviews and comparisons I found are pretty old like 2-3 years and was hoping for something a bit more recent with newer hardware (not sure if they’ve upgraded internals or firmware in the last year of so) and with the new SmartThings app.

Has anyone done side my side comparisons of any two (or more) of the above to see how accurate the lux sensors are and how responsive the motions sensors are?