Looking for a new lock

(Alexis Gingras) #1

I just ordered my Smartthings hub and a few device. Now I’m shopping for a new electronic deadlock. Any suggestions? I see there is a few for sale on the smartthings store but since I live in Canada the shipping and customs fees makes me looking to get them from somewhere else! I can see that home depot has one of them : http://www.homedepot.ca/product/satin-nickel-touchscreen-deadbolt-camelot/826529#BVRRWidgetID . Is that the right one?

(David Creed) #2

Hi Alexis,

I did a quick search online and the Home Depot website doesn’t list the Schlage model number, so it’s not possible to confirm that one is the correct model. That being said, since you have to pickup these locks in store you could look on the packaging, there should be a “Speaks Z-wave” logo or z-wave listing in the specs.

I’m also Canadian, and z-wave products are few and far between. But we do have free universal health care!! :smiley:

I have found purchasing directly from SmartThings to be one of the best options for getting z-wave products: no taxes, no duty and SmartThings tested. Plus you get the best support around!

(Yves Racine) #3


For door locks and other z-wave devices, you can order them from


They have all the major brands. I’d recommend the Yale locks over Schlage and other brands. They are more reliable and less noisy. I’ve done a lot of tests with Schlage and Kwikset and their quality is not
up to par with Yale models.

Or, the cheaper version:

(Alexis Gingras) #4

Thanks for your replies.
@DavidCreed There is a model number on the home depot site :Model: 1564. I thought it was the model with the z-wave because there is a logo Wink app compatible. Maybe ill go check in the store to see if z-wave is mention anywhere on the box.
@yvesracine I was thinking about going with the a yale model (the one without the key) but since the Schlage was on the smartthings shop I thought that maybe there were more feature integrated with their product. Or that it was more tested. But if you can confirm that they both have the same features I think I will go with yale

(Yves Racine) #5

Hello alexis_gingras,

To my knowledge, the Schage and Yale deadbolt locks have the same features. Yale locks are often more expansive, but they are well worth it.

As an alternative, you can sometimes find some used Yale locks for cheaper at Amazon. If you buy it directly from Amazon, you can return it easily if there are any issues.

My 2 cents.

(DLee) #6

I’m not saying I like Kwikset quality, one lock had to be replaced on arrival and they feel cheap. But my Kwikset 914 locks are unbumpable and they have worked fine with ST for a couple months now. An ok option if you find a good deal.

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Anyone else saw this its quite old but still!

(Yves Racine) #8


If it were an issue few years back, I doubt that this issue is still current. Based on my
contact with yalerealiving support, I can ensure you that this problem is probably solved now (it could also be just a nice trick on youtube, just for the show…).

BTW, I tried to do the same with my lock and I couldn’t do it…

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BTW, I found this youtube video too.


I just installed 3 of the Schlage Camelot Z-Wave deadbolts. I like them. They seem much sturdier than the standard Kwiksets that were on my house previously. I don’t think they are unreasonably loud and I like the built-in tamper alarm. My only complaint is that one of them seems to be having intermittent signal issues but it is the furthest away from my hub and there isn’t another Z-Wave device nearby.

(Yves Racine) #11


One more thing about the Schlage deadbolt, there have been complaints about some freezing issues in cold temperature. See

This is one thing to consider if you live in Canada like me.


(Alexis Gingras) #12

@yvesracine Do you work for Yale by any chance! :smile: But its good to know. The Weird thing is all the main hardware stores here (Montreal) have the Schlage(Home depot,Rona,Home Hardware…). Anyway with all those video on how it easy to pick locks I’m just gonna go with the Yale with no key hole. Not only for the security but also because I think its nicer.

(Edward Pope) #13

All of the locks reopened here are susceptible to bump keys. Frankly locks are designed to keep new/easy thieves from getting at your belongings. Professionals it simply will not stop.

(Chrisb) #14

I think this is a very good point. There is always a trade off in security vs. convenience. We make that decision multiple times per day, honestly. It’s all about your comfort level given the perceived dangers. How much convenience (in terms of time, money, accessibility, easy of use) are you personally willing to give up in order to obtain the level of security you desire?

Really you could have the most super secure door and lock system in the world and a thief could just break in through a window. We had someone try to break in through our dog door! Ended up getting a smaller door for the dog as the previous home owners had bigger dogs, so it’s much harder for a grown person to squish through the area, but it is still an area of weakness. However the convenience we get from it (our dog being able to go in and out as he pleases) out weighs, for us, the added danger.


I wish there were more units without key slots. The Yale keyless model tempted me but I prefer the looks of the Schlage and the Yale without a key was the most expensive one that I looked at.

(Edward Pope) #16

So, did you catch the thief in the act of going through the Dog Door?

I agree with you, it is all about choices we make. Frankly, the more secure it looks, sometimes the thieves think it is a much better target. However, the harder you make it for them, the less likely they will be to target your belongings. So there is indeed a balance as you noted.

I want to build a CO2 Laser (SMILE) and them use it for active defense of the house if someone should break in. I know I know, not a good idea. And expensive, but then at least when the police come by, I can say that I scared him off with my laser gun (SMILE).

(Edward Pope) #17

These automated locks with wireless connectivity are also open to exploits, so even without a key, there is always going to be an issue in the sense of security. Really, I know that someone can break into my house, despite all the different ways that I can protect it. Given that, I am very happy with my choice of locks, and the protection that they give me. I do not expect that I can stop all thieves, but as long as I can keep out casual thieves, I will be ok

(Alexis Gingras) #18

Picking a lock seems to be a relatively easy thing to learn. As for hacking a Zwave device or a network is a bit harder. But of course in the end they could just take a ladder and go through the window. But if there is a deadlock with no key hole why not go with this one. And it’s actually cheaper than the one with the key http://www.aartech.ca/search/search_query/Yale

(Chrisb) #19

[quote=“theedpope, post:16, topic:4855, full:true”]
So, did you catch the thief in the act of going through the Dog Door? [/quote]

No, but I’m not too worried about him coming back. My wife had just got home when he tried to do this. She’s an interesting woman. You know how people have that “Fight or Flight” response? My wife doesn’t have that flight part. She saw his head poke in, she screamed and took two steps towards him before he said “Oh S—!” and ran. At which point my wife ran after him and chased him through the park near our house before he out distanced her.

We also adjusted the size of the door right after this… put in a smaller flap with 2x4 heavily screwed in around it to make it smaller and harder to get through.

(Chrisb) #20

Well, the key is for the less technical who has a lower acceptance value of new fangled tech… Also, if this is your ONLY way to get in to a room/building (unlikely for a home, but possible in a business environment), a key provides a way to get in if the batteries die or the electrical mechanism somehow fails.

Obviously doesn’t sound like either situation is appropriate for you, so go for the keyless!