Looking to upgrade lighting / recessed ceiling lights for Color temperature control

Hi everybody,

Looking for some guidance / advice on what my options are in upgrading my recessed ceiling lights (hole is 4 inches wide).

Right now what we have are MR16 (the GU5.3) installed in the house we bought and trying to upgrade to LEDs with white temperature control, through SmartThings/Google Home. I use Lutron Caseta dimmers (with the pro hub) - we’re in Canada (for electrical standards). RGB is not needed but if it comes with, we’ll make post-Covid disco parties! :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses: :partying_face:

Am trying to find a product where it will hopefully be cost-effective combined with least amount of effort (we got dozens in the house).

Right now I use 50W MR16 LEDs which are too bright, and finding 20W/35W LEDs is hard, smart ones is even harder. The ones I found are “I’ll never see that name again from China”-type brands. I could change the whole thing and put GU10’s or even better if I could find straight up smart LEDs versions of these.

Anyone have suggestions? Many thanks!

1500 lm is going to be tough, most of the smart recessEd devices are about 800 lm.

Also, if you use smart bulbs you shouldn’t use a regular smart dimmer because they will confuse each other and you can burn out the bulbs or the switch or both. So the switching options are going to get more complex as well.

There are some smart fixtures that offer Color temperature control in that lumens range (they are designed for high-end bathrooms), but they tend to be pretty expensive. Hue has some. But those aren’t a can design.

Not trying to talk you out of the project, just saying it’s going to be tricky to get everything set up the way you want if you want color temperature control.

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Thanks! For the smart dimmer part - if I put smart bulbs do I put a basic on/off switch and call it a day?

There are different choices depending on the specific model of lights that you end up with.

I’m tired, right now, though, I’ll give you more details later unless someone else beats me to it. :sleeping:

If using a smart switch as well as smartbulbs, I generally recommend Inovelli switches. For starters, here’s a good writeup from their support about combining smart bulbs and switches.