Google Voice and SmartThings

Hacked - Now I can respond to SmartThings notifications via Google Voice SMS. This #IoT stuff is too cool. Thanks ST and congrats on the funding!

…details??? :slight_smile:

I have it set up to when a Google Voice SMS message is received on any of my devices and it is from the smartthings SMS number, it displays a menu of choices of what action I would like to take. Example: Motion sensor at front door has app that sends a SMS to my google voice number and depending on the device name/number will kick off a screen dialog asking me if I would like to take a specific action. Like to display front door camera. It then displays a dialog asking me if I want to unlock the front door. If I choose “Yes”, it unlocks the door.

I assume you’re writing some custom android stuff?

Twack - this is very cool. While I’m migrating from Homeseer to ST, this sort of thing is one I will miss.

I had an event similar - wen motion is detected, take a series of snapshots, then MMS me the alert with the first snapshot attached and a link to the web page with all the snaps. I also included a link to the live view. I did not have any action based scripts that could be triggered from the SMS/MMS screen though. Your’s sounds way cool.


Would be great to get some details about how this is actually working…

Using Tasker, I parse an incoming SMS, if it’s from the SmartThings SMS number and it contains a keyword, I fire off an “autovoice recognizer event” that takes the voice command and formats it to send to a smartthings endpoint.

If motion is detected at the front door:

  1. SmartThings sends an SMS to my google voice number
  2. Tasker detects the incoming notification and parses it for “Frontdoor motion”
  3. Tasker autovoice says out loud “I have detected someone at the front door, I have turned on the camera”.
  4. Tasker opens the camera feed app on the device.
  5. Tasker autovoice waits 5 seconds then asks “Do you want me to unlock the door”
  6. Tasker recognizes a “yes” or “no” response from me. If yes fires the SmartThings Endpoint message to unlock the door device.

And then the mouse eats the cheese, which springs the trap, which lights the candle, which burns the string… LOLZ.

Make any sense?


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Twack - that is sweet! Almost makes me want Android. Almost :slight_smile: Wish iOS had something like that.

I have some firesale HP TouchPads converted to Android that I have around the house as kiosk controllers. You can get something off ebay/craigslist really cheap that run the same stuff. Heck, the new tablet prices are getting down cheaper than universal remote controls nowadays.

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