Ready to go? Adding Schlage Lock?

I turned on my smartthings device, downloaded the app and set up an account. Why can I not see my Schlage electronic lock. I have the Smarthings device held up to (physically touching) the Schlage lock, I press the red Schlage button to join, the LED never goes green.

Watched several youtube videos, there is nothing said about setting up the Smartthings device, just select “add device” and everything works. I must have missed a step…

What do I do next?

Welcome! :sunglasses:

Let’s start with a couple of basic questions to see if we can get you on track.

What model is the Schlage lock? Different models are added in different ways.

Also, what specifically do you mean by “I held up my smartthings device.” Which device is that?

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The Schlage lock is a BE468ZP

Ok, good. That is a Z wave device. Some smartthings hubs support Zwave and some do not. So we need to know specifically what smartthings hub you have. The model number should be on the label on the underside of the hub. Or you can find it at the official web interface to your smartthings account:

And look on the details page for the hub for the hardware type.

I tried to take a photo of the IM6001-V3P01 and it asked me (after catching the QR code) if I wanted to set it up. The setup screen asked if I wanted to use wifi, said yes. Then it said I would see a red/green flashing LED, been a while, no red/green yet.

Ok, the good news is that hub does support zwave.

You do have to set up the hub first and get it on your account before you can add the lock.

Does the hub show up at the link I just gave you? Does it say that you have a hub?

Says I have zero devices. I have the Smartthings setting next to the WIFI hub, and I plugged it directly in to the hub with an ethernet cable. I also have an account I setup a week ago and am logged on. BTW, the LED on front of the SmartThings device is green.

Ok, I reset the HUB again, and went through the setup again on my cell phone, I now have a hub showing up on my account.

Further progress, the lock was found.