Re-order in My does this work?

(Troy) #1

First of all, not sure if this is where to post this.
Here are details of what I am trying to do:
On my phone, when in smartthings, I click the My Home tab, the rooms pop up, I then always have to scroll down to get to my most used room. I thought that maybe by clicking the menu tab and going to Re-order, I would be able to move the rooms around to get my most used room at the top. When I go to re-order, all the rooms show up but I am unable to do anything here. Am I missing something? Is this not what Re-order refers to?
Any help appreciated.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2

When you get to the area of reorder… Press and hold on the the bars on the right (in Android) then drag it where you want it.


In iOS you do this and then press DONE in the upper right. If you don’t press the DONE, the changes revert to the previous order when you go back to the Rooms screen.

(Jason) #4

Same in Android you have to press the Done button.

(Troy) #5

Thanks for the replies. I finally got it to work. Have to touch just right and hold for about 5 seconds, then move. works about 1 out of 3 tries.
Once I figured that part out and hit done, about 1 out of 3 tries I would get an error. But now they are where I like them.