How Do I Change the Order of My Switches Under "Things"?

How Do I Change the Order of My Switches Under “Things” ?

My needs are fairly simple, I just have a group of switches under “Things”.

However, the order is jumbled. With my old Z-wave Hub, (Revolv) I simply dragged each switch to the desired order. How is this done with SmartThings ?

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You can’t reorder anymore. You can add like a period before the name to move something to the top.

Yeah, unfortunately the Things tab is just an alphabetical list of all your Things. If you have a set of switches/things that you want to group, create a room for them. Things in the Room view can be re-ordered via drag and drop. You could even add all orphaned Things to a catchall Room and re-order them there, which would only add one additional button press to access vs re-ordering on the Things tab.


Thanks Sticks18,

Thank you for your fast reply and insightful answer. I very much appreciate your assistance.

Our application is more industrial in nature. However, I was able to create some “rooms” anyway.
I have to say, in my experience, all iPhone apps I’m familiar with allow you to rearrange items any time you have a list.

I have also noticed that under, “Smart apps” I have some automation items under, “Smart Lighting”. This list cannot be rearranged either, I believe.

I don’t know why they call this, “Smart Lighting”, my automation has nothing to do with lighting. I assume the name, “Smart Lighting” cannot be changed.

ST made some interesting design choices when they moved to the new UI, with not being able to rearrange the Things list as one of many. They expect most users to use the Rooms tab predominantly. In the old app you only had a Things view that was a 3x3 grid style, but you could rearrange them and create groups by dragging one thing onto another. It worked pretty well once you got used to it.

You can’t rename Smart Lighting, only the automations under it. It’s intended to control lighting automations, but a lot of things have switches, so it’s used for a lot. Check out Rule Machine for a very flexible automation tool. You just have to copy/paste the custom code.

Sorry in advance for this joke… but if you need to change them, try Photoshop and printscreen…

They could learn a few things from wink on user interface. I’m looking at moving to SmartThings because their functionally and automation seems to be superior. When it comes to interface, I think Wink is ahead there. They have both a list and group view which you can arrange in any order you want. With 8 rooms and over 30 devices, I like the customizable list view so I can quickly see and act on all my devices.

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Many people use the third party dashboard app, SmartTiles, with SmartThings. It will run in pretty much any web browser, so works on many phones and tablets. Highly customizable in terms of color, sequencing, and just which devices are displayed. You’ll find a lot of discussion on it the forum. :sunglasses:





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