How to change the order of Things in My Home?

Is there a way the change the order of the Things in My Home? I see you can change the order of the Rooms by pressing the cog in the top right hand corner but there is no cog in the Things tab? (iOS)

Can’t to it easily. It’s alphabetical. So you can fudge it. Like my Solar system is named A Solar so it’s up top. You can also use punctuation ahead of the name to get it up top. Like a period.

I was just about to suggest that only using numbers:


It is something that should be done, but I don’t expect it. I also would like to see it done in the style.

Device Name
Device Name
Device Name

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Was afraid it would mean resorting to something like that. Still I can live in hope that they deem it worthy of a fix soon…

Thanks anyway.

I wouldn’t hold your breath. It has been this way for a while now and all the complaints haven’t changed it yet.

It’s one favorite feature of ActionTiles… The ability to arrange Thing Tiles in any order on any dashboard Panel. (@joelw135 coulda told you that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I am a Bad Boy!!!

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Here’s how I do mine.
Just makes it easier for my tiny mind.


I prefix my device names by rooms or logical groups as well.

You can also assign devices to a room or logical group that you have created under Rooms. This allows you to easily see all Things associated with certain Rooms.


All these solutions are well & good unless you’re using Alexa as I do & try to name items as distinctly as possible to ensure successful capture by voice command…I pretty much gave up renaming to reorder. I don’t have hundreds of devices as many others do (few less than 90) so perhaps not as much of an issue. I try to use rooms to help but for some reason just not as appealing as a quick scroll in the app sometimes.

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Having just bought an echo dot I have discovered the same problem with placing things in order and now having to rename everything so I can use them with voice commands. Fortunately I am new to converting to a smart home so only have 20 odd things to change!