Randomize lights on and off at night

Any easy way to get random lights on and off when away or vacation? I/m new to smartthings and don’t know how to add apps or routines. Using SmartThings app 2019 version

Brand and model of the light devices you want to control?

Either ge zwave dimmer switch or zoom zwave dimmer switch. I haven’t purchased switches yet because I need to know if they can operate in this manner. Lights are standard LED bulbs controlled by z wave dimmer switches

Thank you, Eric

I use Alexa guard for this now. Alexa can see SmartThings Switches and be set to automatically turn them on/off when guard is enabled.


If you utilize webcore, there is a piston (program) that worked pretty well for me over the holidays. Are you using webcore?

I agree, Alexa Guard is by far the easiest way to do this these days. Smartthings has an integration with Alexa, so switches, such as your candidate Z wave switches, which are controlled by smartthings can be set up to be also controlled by Alexa.

Unlike Philips Hue and Lutron, SmartThings Does not offer its own official feature to do this.

Webcore is a community created rules engine for smartthings, and you certainly can do it using that, it’s just a lot more work to set up.

thank you all. where do I get instructions for Webcore?

Start with the intro FAQ:

FAQ: What is WebCoRE? (And what was CoRE?)

thank you all! As a newbie, this is mind boggling good. I’ll get into this webcore world. Should keep the mind agile. And keep me from looking into Wink.

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thank you I’m now into webcore. Do you know how I can find that piston? Does it have a “random” on/off schedule?

I see Alexa’s timing routine, but no “randomize option” how do you accomplish the randomize the on/off schedule?

where can I find that piston for randomized on/off lighting schedule?

This may or may not help you but here is the one I use. It uses a random offset.

It’s a setting under Alexa Guard

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Thank you, I’ll try it

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try to import “7e28n”

I successfully imported that piston, and edited for correct lights. But how do I trigger / toggle home / away status referenced in that piston? I do not want to use proximity trigger, but would prefer something like a virtual switch. Or ois there a simpler way in the SmartThings Ap. I’m using latest Ap.