Automatic "Away" Mode (Random Lights Turning on and Off)?


New to smart things. I have a few smart switches / lights i would like to turn on / off randomly to look like someone is home (after sunset) when away. Any recommendations or thoughts on how to do this? I have installed webcore but know very little on how to use. I am looking for somewhat of a random way of lights turning on and off and I dont know how to program that.

I think i have the away mode fairly automated with geofence proximity via smartthings app. Hopefully this makes it easier.


You could use WebCoRE or you could use “vacation lighting director” in the marketplace, under lights and switches. If you choose WebCoRE, their community link is below

I know this is an old post, but this is exactly what I’m after , I have ST and Lightwaverf, but I used to use a Byron remote which did this for me, now I have updated I can not do this, never heard or used webcore , thanks