Random Power Off - SM-V110V Tracker

I have 4 smartthings trackers, SM-V110V. I have all 4 on power save mode with 30 minute intervals set. Lately, there has been random power offs occurring. I generally keep 2 of them hidden in my truck and car. The other 2 are mult-purpose, like for tracking a hot air balloon or for hiking.
So far haven’t been able to determine what is going on with the random power offs.
Any ideas?

Since a lot of people have been having issues recently with the hub turning on and off, I suggest you add the tracker model number to your title to attract the interest of people who are using the trackers who might be able to help you. :thinking: otherwise people may just skip the thread thinking they already know what it’s about and don’t have anything to add.

Thank you! Just updated title.

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