All my devices randomly switch off

This has been going on for a while now (couple of months) and I was hoping that an update would fix the issue but it still persists to this day. Everything that my Smartthings v2 hub is connected to will turn off randomly. It isn’t due to a routine being triggered or some other event, as my logs don’t show any activity. This is pretty annoying when I’m watching TV and all of a sudden everything turns off. I have quite a bit connected to my Smartthings Hub (7 switches, 1 Echo, 1 Echo Dot, 5 Hue lights, Harmony Hub, Sonos Speakers, 2 Motion Sensors)

Has anyone seen/hard of this happening and what can I do to fix it?


Sorry but no, I’ve not had this but I do occasionally have a device turn on for no reason - maybe one device every couple of weeks. I have about 150 devices on my V2 hub.

I have it happen every once in a while also. Probably once every couple of weeks also. I don’t worry about it as its not that common.

Unfortunately this happens to me a few times a day.

I’d look in IDE login / MyHubs/ location-click-your-location-name/ Installed SmartApps

for smartapps that maybe you forgot about.

also the IDE log show you what is commanding the devices.

very strange for EVERYTHING to turn off at once. Once device here or there i’d blame on ST, but everything at once i would start looking at my smart apps. Nothing in the recent activity for the device except an off event?