Devices turning off randomly

(Ahmed ElSerafy) #1


i’ve been going nuts here, some devices very randomly which has a on/off switch setup, just switch off by themselves, i hadnt had a chance to keep live logging at that time, is there anywhere i can see live logging history?

I tried the events list per device but it wont show what triggered it, just tells me the targeted device turned off, i dont have any triggers to trigger this…

Any help would be much appreciated.

(Cristofer Johnson) #2

Hey me too. I noticed it two nights ago. I thought my son or grandkids were messing with me.

(Ahmed ElSerafy) #3

Do you have kuku harmony smartapp or harmony api or host pinger configured?

(Cristofer Johnson) #4

I have the default HarmonyHub Installed. Don’t really use it for anything with SmartThings though.

(Ahmed ElSerafy) #5

You’re missing out a lot with kuku, i can actually control each device individually :slight_smile:

(Johnny H) #6


welcome to smart-things lol