CT101 Thermostat - Can't change temperature through hub

I have a CT101 Z-Wave Thermostat connected to a SmartThings V2 Hub. I cannot change the temperature through the hub (via the classic app or through ActionTiles). If I change the temperature on the thermostat itself the new temperature appears in the app (or ActionTiles), but trying to do it from the app or ActionTiles does not push to the thermostat. Up until recently, everything was just fine. Was there an update that messed this up? Suggestions? I already excluded and removed the thermostat and then re-added it, but it still behaves the same way.

I noticed the same thing on my system but haven’t figured out why or a fix yet. You aren’t alone though

Good to hear. Now we just need a solution!

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Look in the device details in the ide and see if it’s updating there.

Good idea. I looked, and it IS updating in the IDE, but is not pushing to the thermostat itself. Thoughts?

Try giving it 10-15 minutes to see if it makes it to the thermostat.

It’s been 20+ minutes since I tried to change the temperature via the classic app. The thermostat has still not registered the change.

I am having the same problem (I first noticed it last night). In the app it appears to accept the change in temperature but the setting on the thermostat doesn’t change. The ST app shows it’s been changed but it actually hasn’t. If I manually change the temp at the thermostat then open the ST App, it reports the correct setting.

Login to the ide and see what the field Type is set to for the device.

CT100 Thermostat

I have tried three different “Type”:

CT100 Thermostat
Z-Wave Thermostat
Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat w/ Temperature, Humidity & Auto Time Setting (Rboy device type)

The last one is the one I have successfully used for nearly a year. However, within the last few weeks I started experiencing the problems mentioned at the beginning of this post. None of the above three types work.

Does support monitor this forum or do I need to create a support ticket?

I created a support ticket Tuesday evening. We will see what they say.

They do not. Email or call them.

We have noticed that too with some thermostats in our labs. It appears to lose directional communication with the hub.

The only solution we found was to press the reset button on the thermostat and then tap refresh in the mobile app to resynchronize all the settings again as shown in this post: