CT100 Thermostat - No Temp Readings

I was able to get the CT100 Therm to pair with ST hub, but the control interface is blank except for the battery power. I removed and re-added, but it still is not showing any readings.

Is there a fix for this or any suggestions to get this working?

zwave is a little iffy with it

exclude and include again

Done this 4 times already.

I also just added my 2GIG panel in as a secondary controller and I can see the CT100 there and all the temperature settings show correctly.

Not sure why it won’t show correctly in ST.

Frustrating. I already returned the WINK because it was extremely difficult to pair with all our sensors. ST has been awesome up to this point.

Did you click on the refresh button in ST? Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Have you logged into the IDE and check to see that the device type is correctly assigned?

Yes, I have logged in and see it is assigned the CT100 Thermostat Type.
I also tried a few custom types and they still are not showing any data
from the unit.

Unfortunately, that suggestion is about the limit of my expertise. I am sorry you are having so much trouble. I have the same thermostat but I did not experience any complications. Is there any chance the unit is defective?

After 24 hours I check back and the interface now shows all the correct data. Not sure what the delay issue was. I wanted to share just in case someone else runs into this.