Rachio Irrigation Controller

Can anyone tell me if support for integration with Rachio Irrigation controllers been removed? Rachio no longer displays under irrigation devices on the mobile app.

If so then why?

I can find no mention of this in any searches, just the disappearance from the app.

Rachio still appears in the app for me (in US). When you click on it, you are taken to the Lick Account screen.

@jkp thanks - Interesting that you can still see Rachio. When in the mobile app I click ‘Add Device’ and Rachio no longer appears under Irrigation device type or when I search by Brand. I had removed and then attempted to re-add with no luck.

I am situated in Canada.

My guess is it may be a region locked. Support may be able to identify why it does not appear for users in Canada.

CA: support@smartthings.ca

@jkp - Thanks for your help. I will update if/when I hear back. Interesting that it used to be available.

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I am on version of the app which I believe is the new version thks

Since I have not seen any reports from elsewhere this must be a regional thing or something unique to me. Rachio support indicated that it’s most likely that SmartThings will be working again with Rachio but no ETA or explanation why this is happening. Smartthings support was horrendous and after numerous exchanges I have still not received any relevant response as to why I am encountering this.

Hello, for me same problem in Chile, I had installed the device, but then automatically eliminate rachio from my devices and Im not able to install them again