Rachio 3rd Gen Irrigation Controller - SmartThings/webCoRe/ActionTiles

Did some searching and can’t really find the answer within all the threads.

I’m in the process of buying a 8 channel and a 16 channel, 3rd generation Rachio controller for my 2.5 acre irrigation system. I have a lot of things setup via ActionTiles and webCoRe.

I’m looking for someone who has a Rachio setup and can let me know what functionality you have available through SmartThings. Basically, what can I add/interact with in ActionTiles and then what inputs can I use in webCoRe?

For example, if I setup all 8 zones through Rachio on the 8 zone controller, can I put them in ActionTiles and have the ability to turn them on/off? Can I specify the time? Or just toggle on/off? If the controller turns one on via schedule, will I see the status of it, such as ‘Running…’ or something?

Then for example in webCoRe, can I pick up that zone 1 was turned on and have it turn off in a specific amount of time? Or even more important, if any zone turns on from either controller 1 or 2 (8 channel or 16 channel), it will kick on a smart switch/outlet/relay/etc to turn on my irrigation pump?

I just want to make sure it has the flexibility to check the state of the zone and do some automation based on that. Anyone who has one and set things up similar, any input would be appreciated! Thanks all.

Just to point out something on WebCoRE, it will cease when ST ends support for groovy on the platform.

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I had my Rachio system connected to SmartThings a while back. I ended up disconnecting it because I could never think of a use case where I wanted to use a SmartThings Automation to control Rachio. Rachio manages itself so well on its own I let it run within its own app/environment.


When is the ETA for that? I thought they have been talking about that for years and nothing has been done. Will an alternative be available with the same flexibility?

unknown. I was only pointing out the webcore will cease at some point and you should consider it as a temporary option at this time.

Routines or Rules API. They did mention they hoped to improve upon the current offerings.

We do not know an exact ETA but the release of the LUA based Edge driver infrastructure to production was a prerequisite. That has basically happened.

So you now need to look at what SmartThings has to provide to consider ‘feature parity’ with the supported (very important - custom code, read: most smartapps, including WebCoRE aren’t ‘supported’) feature set.

Rules/Automations, done
Custom Device Handlers, Done
Smartlighting (still missing a few features)

Add in the fact that account.smartthings.com no longer redirects to the IDE…

There are plenty of tea leaves. I would take @jkp’s advice very seriously and there’s absolutely zero way I’d be implementing anything new in WebCoRE at this point.

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My rachio integration commonly nukes itself and disappears, like a week or so ago.
It has also only been one way. i.e. can turn on the valves but rachio turning on will not update to ST. That was my only purpose - to try to avoid false alarms for whole home water usage when away from the house.

Well if webCoRe is going to eventually not work and will no longer have the great coding you can do within it, I may have to try out that Hubitat or whatever everyone else has been converting to. I have a lot of automation of my lights and some and modes. I have holiday flags I can set which dictate what color the lights turn to when they turn on. My driveway gate is completely controlled by it using a few different inputs. SmartThings app has never had the complexity needed to handle it all so I went with webCore. It is a bit of a shame but I knew eventually I would have to migrate to something else. But to jkp’s point, I probably should start now, migrating off the SmartThings environment since I’ll loose all the complexity/flexibility I need to run everything. Doing anything in the app is painful.

What about Action Tiles? Do we know if that will still work? Though I guess if I’m migrating over to Hubitat, Action Tiles probably will no longer work for that. Though maybe Hubitat has something similar I can work with.

And then the things that work with smart things, like Rachio, will I be able to get it to work with Hubitat. This is going to be a mess! Thanks Samsung SmartThings! Probably should have started this earlier.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo has a virtual calendar Edge driver which should let you automate the colors of your lights based an dates using ST routines.