Rachio + new Smartthings App + Webcore

Several years ago, I integrated my Rachio sprinklers with my FortrezZ Flow Meter Interface using WebCore pistons to track water flow with each sprinkler line. . In the last couple of months Rachio quit working with the Classic SmartThings App. I removed it and reinstalled it using the new SmartThings App.
When I added my Rachio sprinklers to SmartThings their device type are all set to “placeholder”. As such I am unable to add them as “available devices” to Webcore since none show up. under any category.
I am hoping that by changing the device type would solve the problem but I tried several types and the still do not show up as a device I can set for WebCore.
Any Suggestions?

Look under select devices by capability —> group 1-3

Thanks I was able to add them but cannot exit the WebcCore smartapp without canceling.

yes, that happens in the new app but it still saves your selections. this issue has been reported to the webcore folks. It works fine in the classic app.

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