Quirky Refuel: Monitor your grill's propane tank

(breon) #1

I just ran across this on Connectedly (great site, by the way). It’s a device that allows you to monitor how much propane you have left in your tank.

I know that SmartThings supports other Quirky products. Is this device supported?



The Refuel isn’t compatible (yet).

(Ben Edwards) #3

But since it looks like a repurposed Spotter I am confident it will be integrated and it won’t be good :slight_smile:

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #4

Lol, which part won’t be good, the device or the integration :smile:

(Ben Edwards) #5

I thought of that as I typed it :slight_smile: The device itself isn’t solid.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #6

I knew what you meant, just thought I’d let you clarify it in case someone does an integration :smile:

(Ben Edwards) #7

We’ve exceeded the number of smiley’s per topic.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #8

LOL, what is the max smiley’s per thread limit? Is that the same for each category? Don’t want to break the rules…

(Joshua Laymon) #9

as a brief owner of a quirky spotter, i discovered that it was very quirky and worked spotty at best. it really lived up to its name. that said, i probably will never buy a quirky product again.

(Chrisb) #10

Nicely done! Very impressed.

Oh, and just for Ben: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smile:



and :slight_smile: