New Quirky & GE devices

(Teflon Koss) #1

Looks like quirky busted out 7 new connected devices, including a new spotter model:

(Tim Slagle) #2


Maybe quirky stepped up their game!? @wackware did you see this?

(Carlos Perez) #3

if it is more reliable and supports Z-Wave it is tempting. My needs are simple. Only thing that I would miss is the Aeon Labs v2 Smart Meter monitor

(Morgan) #4

We will see the devices that they produce so far have been very poor, I have a hub, several spotters and the Power Pivot and all of them are not great. The Power Pivot is the most reliable, but the Spotters and the hub really not great.

(Geko) #5

Gotta agree, Spotter Uniq is one kick-ass idea!

(Tim Slagle) #6


I was more thinking about integrating it into STs

Agreed. Wiaitng to see the actual execution of the devices

(Cooper Lee) #7

Bought one and took it back - thought I could make it a slave to ST just to use the cheap light bulbs - big mistake… New ST firmware will support the cheap bulbs so I can stop buying Hue bulbs for everywhere…

(Morgan) #8

@geko really? 90 bucks if you get 4 sensors on it. Hmm… I’m not sure, if it is as unreliable as the spotter than I don’t think so.

I paid $20 bucks for my spotter, and still don’t think they are worth it.

(Geko) #9

Yes, really. It’s a new product. It has nothing to do with the original Spotter. We’ll have to see how reliable it is, but the idea is great, no doubt about it.

(Christopher Masiello) #10

The Spotter is garbage.

(Christopher Masiello) #11

I’ll say this much, Wink/Quirky are definitely taking some swings, even if they have their fair share of misses. Their ideas are interesting; if they ever execute on any of them, Smartthings may have some real competition. Hopefully this inspires Smartthings to start adding interesting products to their solidly working portfolio.