New Quirky & GE devices

Looks like quirky busted out 7 new connected devices, including a new spotter model:


Maybe quirky stepped up their game!? @wackware did you see this?

if it is more reliable and supports Z-Wave it is tempting. My needs are simple. Only thing that I would miss is the Aeon Labs v2 Smart Meter monitor

We will see the devices that they produce so far have been very poor, I have a hub, several spotters and the Power Pivot and all of them are not great. The Power Pivot is the most reliable, but the Spotters and the hub really not great.

Gotta agree, Spotter Uniq is one kick-ass idea!


I was more thinking about integrating it into STs

Agreed. Wiaitng to see the actual execution of the devices

Bought one and took it back - thought I could make it a slave to ST just to use the cheap light bulbs - big mistake… New ST firmware will support the cheap bulbs so I can stop buying Hue bulbs for everywhere…

@geko really? 90 bucks if you get 4 sensors on it. Hmm… I’m not sure, if it is as unreliable as the spotter than I don’t think so.

I paid $20 bucks for my spotter, and still don’t think they are worth it.

Yes, really. It’s a new product. It has nothing to do with the original Spotter. We’ll have to see how reliable it is, but the idea is great, no doubt about it.

The Spotter is garbage.

I’ll say this much, Wink/Quirky are definitely taking some swings, even if they have their fair share of misses. Their ideas are interesting; if they ever execute on any of them, Smartthings may have some real competition. Hopefully this inspires Smartthings to start adding interesting products to their solidly working portfolio.